On December 1 2014, a disabled woman chose to crawl onto a plane Due to the lack of safer alternatives to board the aircraft. Brittle bone disease sufferer Katya Hemelrjik da Silva crawled on board a Gol plane to avoid being manually handled by airport helpers.

People with brittle bone disease can easily suffer bone fractures because of their fragile or missing connecting tissues. There is no cure for the disease.

On December 1st, Katya Hemelrjik da Silva had to get on board a Gol airplane. But Foz do Iguaçu airport does not have air bridges or high loaders.

Mrs da Silva declined the offer of being lifted on board the plane. "Due to the lack of safer alternatives to board the aircraft, I had to use the stairs, because I was on the floor with no risk of falling, and the movements were under my control and I know my physical limits," she said.

In another aeroplane related story, an amputee war veteran asked for the advertised ailse seat to enable him to use the toilet inly to be told they didn’t have one and that it wasn’t the pilots problem.



Katya Hemelrjik da Silva crawling up the steps. All aircraft should have a promove sling and the staff trained in its use.

Aircraft owners need to improve their services for disabled people
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