The number of ambulances that have bariatric capability has risen dramatically in the last year or so.

It is interesting to note however that the area with the largest population, the North East, has the lowest number of bariatric equipped vehicles.

The increase in plus sized people, whether you are an ambulance trust, care agency or any other kind of healthcare provider, should be reflected in the training you offer.

If you would like me to come along and deliver bariatric training for you please give me a call. It really is worth the extra investment to include Tracey Carr in your training. Having a live bariatric model in the training makes great sense. Her insight into various issues makes the day one to remember.

Bariatric ambulance increases
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No of ambulances

South East Coast Ambulance Service


East of England Ambulance Service


North West Ambulance Service


East Midlands


Yorkshire Ambulance Service


 Welsh Ambulance Service

196 (98%)

South West Ambulance Service


West Midlands Ambulance Service

Full fleet

North East Ambulance Service


Gavin is a great communicator and imparts his expertise with real enthusiasm. His training sessions are thorough and he uses a wide range of real life situations to challenge his delegates. Gavin is open to new ideas and techniques and always ensures that solutions offered are dignified and sensitive to the Patients needs as well as being safe for both Patient and Handler.

Tracey Carr - Fat Lot She Knows

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