The Cambridge Portable Limb Support is a folding, height adjustable leg support that positions the limb for the comfortable and easy application of dressings reducing postural stresses for healthcare workers.

It can be utilized within the patient's home or within hospital/clinic environments to position the leg so that it is comfortable for both the patient and healthcare worker (reducing postural stresses) with the additional benefit of enhanced and effective infection control.

The limb support cradles the leg or arm so that the nurse/carer has both hands free to dress or treat the limb.

"The staff who have tried the Cambridge Portable Limb Support with patients have found it very beneficial and the patients have told us that it is much more comfortable too"

AM, NHS Clinical Ergonomics Advisor


• Adjustable height range: 28cm - 48cm

• Max weight capacity: 70kg

• Weight: 2.4kg

• Folds for easy portability

• Stainless steel construction

• Includes 20 disposable covers

• Designed and manufactured in the UK

• Warranty: Lifetime

Cambridge Portable Limb Support
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Cambridge Portable Limb Support

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