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Two care staff were jailed when one of them dropped a resident off of a bed when rolling her.

The two then tried to cover the incident up on the assumption that the elderly person couldn’t speak and wouldn’t be able to tell of what happened.

This is a harrowing story of neglect and poor moving and handling practice. Items such Etacs twin sheet and Handicare’s Turnsheet (both available from SK Handling) can make this job so easy even for a larger person.

the grandmother was in agony, her carers failed to seek medical help and simply lifted her back into bed. Because she is mute, Mrs Rider was unable to tell anyone what had happened. It was only 24 hours later that a nurse realised she was in agonising pain and called an ambulance.

The injury occurred because one of her carers, Susan Logan, had tried to turn her by herself – against the proper procedure at the private home. But when asked what had happened, Logan and her supervisor, Lauren Gillies, lied, saying Mrs Rider had fallen out of bed.

Read  the full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3023224/Carers-broke-87-year-old-grandmother-s-hip-dropping-bed-lied-cover-jailed.html

Dropped off the bed during a roll - carers jailed

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