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Moving & Handling Instructors Newsletter Volume 8 issue 5

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the final Moving and Handling Instructors newsletter (at least with me at the helm).

It has been a blast over the last almost 9 years sending these random journals to like minded people but all good things must come to an end. During this time, the MHI brand has developed into more than just a newsletter. The first issue was in .pdf format and sent to 150 selected individuals. From then on it grew through requests to 1600 subscribers at it’s peak. Currently there are 1253. The MHI linkedin group has 970 members, more than all of the other similar themed UK based groups combined and has proven to be a group of excellence.

Read my final farewell in this editions only story.

Best and kindest regards

Gavin Wright

Gavin Wright Farewell - Worldwide