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E-learning seems to be the magic word in teaching nurses how to behave ergonomically. More and more health care facilities discover the possibilities of patient handling e-learning. As patient handling skills can only be trained until a certain extent, e-learning is combined with hands on training.

Still finding, making and keeping affordable high quality e-learning up to date is a challenge for trainers and health care facilities. With this issue in mind LOCOmotion started a portal for freely available up-to-date high quality e-learning modules in The Netherlands. These modules are mostly financed by independent governmental bodies, but sometimes also insurance companies and vendors of medical equipment have initiated a Free Learning module. And it’s a success; per month about 10,000 Free Leaning modules are done. When you consider that worldwide less than 20 million people speak Dutch, this is a phenomenal number and possibly shows the hunger for this type of training material.

The (currently) 20 Free Learning modules are multimedial: information is supported by movies, pictures, drawings and creative question types to make learning a positive experience. This number is growing, LOCOmotion is now working on five new modules that will be released in the forth-coming months.  

The Free Learning educational philosophy is that people learn more effectively by thinking actively rather than by reading and watching passively. So Free Learning modules have about 15-20 questions followed by more detailed information once the question is answered. When 85% of the questions are answered correctly the nurse can download a certificate. Most Free Modules are accredited by the Dutch Nursing Association.  

Learn more about Free Learning: www.free-learning.nl or contact nico@knibbe.info.

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