Moving & Handling Instructors Newsletter Volume 8 issue 1

Hi again,

Following my extended absence from the workplace I am back in top form again. I have revised the look of the newsletter.

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As before, the individual articles are listed on the right. You will notice a couple of changes though. First of all, the advertising. There is a little more than before as I have to make the newsletter pay for itself. Secondly there is now a box at the end of each article where you can add your comments if you wish.

Other changes to this web site: E-learning is accessible directly through here now. There is a new High Street as well. Anyone can rent a shop, training providers, suppliers or manufacturers can all rent a place for a very reasonable cost.

I hope you find the articles and new web site useful, why not let me know via the shoutbox below.

I am always on the lookout for new stories so please send me any you may have.



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