Moving & Handling Instructors Newsletter Volume 8 issue 3

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Hi again,

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It has been almost two months since my last newsletter so I thought it was about time another one went out. This time we have a story of two carers being jailed after dropping someone from a bed, several really good innovative products and publications, information from Holland and a man being hoisted with a crane.



Jailed for dropping a patient during a bed roll

- UK

Lifting a heavy patient onto a bed or exam table


Lift Doctor - a different patient lifting device


Nico’s Nedderlands, What’s happening in Holland

 - Holland

CJ Medical’s single user Hover Matt              - UK

A Practical Guide to Bariatric SPH & Mobility


Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist MHRA Notice

- UK

85St man moved with a crane and flatbed lorry


Naidex WOW moment - AAT GB Ltd


Free REBA mobile phone app

- Worldwide

Moving & Handling in the

Community & Residential Care

- Worldwide

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