If you liked last months free android app making Rapid Entire Body Assessment easy, you might like to try this next free app as well.

This one gives the flow charts from the forthcoming NBE publication, Moving & Handling in the Community & Residential Care.

The flow charts help you decide on whether to supply single or multi-carer packages, the risk matrix and assessing client ability. The app doesn’t replace the book by any stretch of the imagination, however, it does compliment it and I am sure that your phone will fit in your pocket easier than the publication as a quick reference guide.

I am sure you will agree, this app compliments last months app very well. Incidentally, 195 people downloaded the REBA app last month.

Next month there will be another free app about the NBE conference.

To download either app search for NBE community or Rapid Entire Body Assessment on the Google Play store via your phone or follow the links below (if you have a Google account you can install apps on your phone from your computer, even if your phone is not switched on):

Community & Residential Care


Rapid Entire Body Assessment


Moving and Handling in Community & Residential Care android app
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