While teaching, I am always amazed at the number of people who are not aware of the latest solutions to moving people about.

Steve has a good eye for a good product. As an independent equipment provider, he is not restricted by contracts to particular manufacturers.

He supplies the twin sheet for example. A product by Etac which enables comfort, safety and ease for the service user and the carers while attending to personal hygiene in bed.

Another good product are the multiglide gloves. MultiGlide Gloves can help in a number of different tasks. Made from low friction waterproof nylon, MultiGlide Gloves can be useful whenever the carer needs to place their hands under a person. Whether to check on the pressure of an air mattress or cushion, or to to smooth out creases in sheets, a low friction solution is quite literally at hand. They can be particularly helpful if the carer is wearing non-slip surgical gloves.

MultiGlide Gloves can also be helpful in performing small repositioning tasks, especially where tissue viability is a concern.

Other uses include assisting in inserting the leg pieces of slings and as a dressing aid, particularly when it comes to getting arms in sleeves.

Although the products on his web site are limited, he can source a solution to almost any problem you may have.

All of his products are competitively priced.

As a qualified moving and handling instructor, he can provide training as well.


Steve Kirkpatrick:

more than a man in a pink shirt

Steve Kirkpatrick: find him at skhandling.co.uk
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