Only £10 for one year of access

From January 2015. I have a new range of e-learning courses available.

The advantage of e-learning is the person can learn at their own pace. Rewind, ponder or skip at their own discretion.

Some courses are tailor made for e-learning delivery, others though, such as moving and handling, need a practical element. That doesn’t mean that there is no place for the theory component to be done online.

I have one price, £10 for one year access. This will give you access to all of the courses available in the library.

The Anatomy course is available now and is free. January 15th will see the release of the next 3 courses. Each month, a new course will be added until the full set has been released. No doubt more will follow. The price though, will remain the same. Regardless of how many courses are released.

The first four are all moving and handling related themes.

Brian helps with some of the courses

Training Companies & Training Managers: Please enquire how you can gain access to the e-learning courses.
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Other courses coming during 2015 include:

I welcome enquiries from training companies who would like to offer these e-learning programmes under their own banner.

Likewise, nursing homes, and other care agencies who would like discounts for their staff, please contact me.

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