Pre-Employment Functional Assessment

Don’t employ someone without first considering a PEFA

Medical questionnaires are seen as a form of disability discrimination and as such, they are severely restricted by the Equality Act of 2010.

However, it is not illegal to ascertain someone's ability to carry out functions that are essential to being able to perform a job before employing them. This is where a Pre-Employment Functional Assessment (PEFA) comes in. The assessment could form part of the conditions prior to a job being offered.

An assessment would take up to 30 minutes for each candidate and can be arranged as part of the interview process in the potential workplace.

Each candidate would be asked to perform given tasks and then assessed on their ability to perform those tasks, taking into account their skills, understanding and ability to adapt when advice is offered.

Benefits of holding PEFAs include,

This is not training. It is designed purely for assessment of suitability for employment. The report will include if the candidate can follow advice (where applicable), understand the concepts around moving & handling of people, follow both written & verbal instruction and also their ability to either demonstrate good posture or acceptable alternatives taking into account their personal limitations.

A written report for each candidate will be provided.

Please contact me to make arrangements if you wish to use this service.

PEFAs from £37.50 per candidate

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