“Gavin has attended the Northern Back Exchange meetings which I too attend on a regular basis. These meetings enable colleagues from various work areas to consider manual handling issues and explore new ways of working in line with legal requirements etc. In addition, Gavin has sent us a news letter on a regular basis which has provided some very interesting articles to consider.”

Cath Clinton

H & S training officer

Durham County Council

“Gavin is very dedicated to his work to the point that he never misses a day without any positive influence in it. He is passionate about his health care matters and always wants to see The South African Moving and Handling Project implemented in Mzanzi. Against all odds, ask him to do something, he will sacrifice his sleep to accomplish whatever task.

I count myself very fortunate to associate with him cause we are both determined and will see to the implementation of this project for the welfare of all South Africans. I will always appreciate and cherish the support his family gave him to let him come over to South Africa for a few months when the late Deputy Health Minister Dr Sefularo was interested in the project. I am sure with his wealth of experience and partnership with various health companies we'll achieve our goal and South Africa will join Britain, USA and other countries in Safe Handling of Patients”

Victor Makgwana

South African Moving & Handling Project Coordinator

CEO, Impact Group, Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa

“I found your session (at the NBE conference 2010) very uplifting - it is a lesson to all of us to carry on as someone will always see the value of your work. I found it very funny at times but very sad too particularly when your friend and believer died in a car crash!! Keep up the good work - well done!!”

Lorraine Demott

International Training Consultant, Linet

“Gavin is well respected in the field of manual handling as a provider of traditional and web based learning packages.”

Ken Cookson

Co-Author of the Guide to the Handling of People 6th Edition,

Board of Directors for Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals, & Manual Handling Advisor

“I had the pleasure to give a presentation (or two) at Gavin's first Conference in Manual Handling. Gavin is an industrious person who is very enthusiastic about Manual Handling”

Jacqueline Hall

Co-Author of The Guide to the Handling of Patients/People 4th & 5th Editions and co-author of Training Standards in Manual Handling 3rd Ed. published by the NBE,

Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, National Back Exchange Executive & Major in HM Forces

“Gavin Wright is a renowned authority in the UK on moving and handling issues. He publishes an on line newsletter which informs and guides Moving and Handling Advisors throughout the UK. Gavin's knowledge is exemplary and he is an excellent lecturer on the principles of moving and handling.”

Andrea Bourdillon

Leeds Council,

West Yorks

I have received monthly newsletters from Gavin for sometime now, and I have found them interesting and quite informative, Gavin obviously puts in time and effort to send the newsletters free of charge. Recently I bought a couple of DVDs on which Gavin has produced high quality manual handling course material, of which I have been able to implement into my own practice. Gavin has also been very helpful to me when I had a querie or needed information regarding this subject.

Jillian Moule

Moule Training

“Just had another good look through the package (e-learning) and just wanted to let you know that I’m really pleased with all the work you’ve done so far. ... . Really appreciate your efforts”

Linda Allen

Moving & Handling Lecturer, Teesside University

National Back Exchange Executive member

have found Gavin's web site to be very informative. He offers an excellent service to moving and handling professional. Much of the information is freely available. I would recommend Gavin's work to anyone in the field of community assessment.

Sondra Butterworth

Independent consultant


“Gavin has provided both myself and some of our other staff with moving & handling training, by offering Hospital Aids the opportunity to attend various workshops & exhibitions that he has organised. As the result of our extremely positive experiences of dealing with Gavin and his family, we have also gained valuable business opportunities to supply his existing clients with evacuation equipment.”

Steve Clark

Sales & Marketing Manager

Hospital Aids & Spectrum Healthcare, Northampton

“I loved the course (5-day Instructors Course), especially the 'thought-invoking' approach and the metacognition in thinking about how we teach, rather than just learning how to teach. ... I attend the first and second part of two different courses, and I thank you for allowing me the flexibility to attend in this manner. I shall incorporate my improved understanding of legislative requirements into my smaller workshops, ... I particularly enjoyed a 'non-prescriptive' approach to moving and handling techniques. ... The module on perception helps to develop real empathy to those with perceptual difficulties and cognitive degeneration (e.g. occipital lobe).”

Irvind Sihota

Physiotherapist & Clinical Skills Trainer

West Sussex County Coucil

“Gavin is a creative web designer, and has some truly intuitive ideas. He devises electronic marketing strategies that I had not even thought of, and is always pushing the boundaries. I would certainly recommend his work to anyone.”

Pat Alexander

Co-Author of several editions of The Guide to the Handling of Patients/People (HOP series),

Co-author of Manual Handling of Children & Training Standards in Manual Handling 3rd Ed. published by NBE,

National Back Exchange Executive member

“Hi Gavin, I would just like to personally thank you for all your help at the Enabling Independence Conference (13th June 2012 at Colchester United football club), not only in the workshop that Maxine, Sally and I were in, but also the others.  

Your help, assistance and knowledge was very much appreciated. Many Thanks again, we could not have presented the workshops without you.”

Pam Bailey


Commissioned Team OP

Gavin provided specialist Manual Handling Instructors training for me. Running a course at my Trust he facilitated the training of 4 Manual Handling Specialists from other Trusts he demonstrated an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, brought new ways of thinking to the group and instilled confidence through his training techniques. I have sought his advice on several occasions and he has not only provided good advice but has also responded in a timely manner.

David Hatch

Manual Handling Specialist Nurse/Assistant H&S Adviser at NHS Wirral University teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Gavin has great people skills, he taught a Moving & Handling Instructors course to health care professionals with loads of experience with ease. His informal relaxed teaching methods made learning easy, he responded to challenges with professional results in both practical and theoretical sessions all evidence based and referenced to current Health & Safety legislation and the Guide To The Handling of People HOP 4,5,and 6. Well done enjoyable nice to have met you will keep in touch thanks again Mike”

Mike Froome

Essential Skills Trainer, Institute of Health & Social Care Studies

Guernsey Health Authority

“I highly recommend Gavin, as a highly qualified individual. He is very approachable and supportive in delivery of training,development. His Stubject Knowledge within Training is excellent. When i am looking for external training providers he is my first contact.”

Clare Mcgorry

CMAC Training


It is very hard to pick titles and things seeing as I am his daughter, it didn't have that choice on the clicky things. But, I just want to say that I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for him, obviously, but he has taught me a lot about emergency things as well as moving and handling and the both combined also. I even get the penguin walk off him when teaching.

He deserves every nice word in the dictionary because there's no other dad like him. A lot of you know him as a work colleague but I know him as a family member too and can assure you, he is much better at being a dad than a moving and handling dude, even when he is worried about the amount of hakuna matata he is doing.

Stephanie Wright

Emergency Medical Technician

County Durham EMS

“I have had several contacts with Gavin over the past 18 months, mainly for advice and guidance in Moving and Handling issues. He has always dealt with these thoroughly and promptly. I have also taken one of his online courses and found this to be extremely User Friendly, the DVD resource which I ordered also proved to be very clear and useful as an aid in my own practice as a Trainer. I wouldn't hesitate to use Gavin's expertise in the future.”

Deborah Fairbairn

Training Manager,

Pat Clarke Total Training, Lincolnshire

“Gavin has excellent organisational skills and has provided insight to many professionals regarding the safer handling people. This insight has been based at both a practical and theoretical level. May I take this opportunity to thank him for the research he obviously does to ensure that the on-line magazine he produces is current, interesting and valid.

Dorothy Spencer

Lecturer at Derwentside College &

External Verifier OCR & CACHE

“Gavin is a rare person within healthcare these days. Very personable & deeply knowledgeable, Gavin is only interested in providing solutions that focus on improving patient care and outcomes. I am sure that he will impact greatly in his new and exciting role in South Africa. I look forward to continuing to develop our working relationship as he assists us in a project for bariatric patient care. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin and his work.”

Christian Symonds

Managing Director

Aegis Healthcare, West Yorkshire

“Gavin is a very likeable person, with vast knowledge and experience in moving and handling. He is very passionate about his teachings and his cousres come highly recommended.”

Mark Wilcock

Sales Manager

Horcher Medical Systems

“Gavin continues to provide via his internet links a valued source of information and advice in the field of moving and handling. His regular newsletters are a constant and valued source of relevant information around the issues facing anyone involved in the field of manual handling training, risk assessment and risk reduction.”

Shaun Carney

Moving and Handling Specialist

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Gavin's newsletters contain a range of interesting and enlightening articles providing a regular synopsis of current news and protocols in the moving and handling field. I have also found his courses / videos useful in providing new ideas for my training sessions.”

Louis Thomas

Freelance Trainer

LT Training and Therapy, Worcestershire

“wonderful provision of information, knowledge and skills”

Tracy Guy

Health and Safety Advisor

Telford & Wrekin Council

“Gavin has been instrumental in collating and producing the moving and handling news letter, the content has been excellent and very informative. Gavins knowledge base in this subject matter is very broad and up to date.”

Rosemarie Scrutton

Moving and Handling advisor

Hertfordshire County Council

“Gavin is a great communicator and imparts his expertise with real enthusiasm. His training sessions are thorough and he uses a wide range of real life situations to challenge his delegates. Gavin is open to new ideas and techniques and always ensures that solutions offered are dignified and sensitive to the Patients needs as well as being safe for both Patient and Handler.”

Tracey Carr

Bariatric Model

Fat Lot She Knows

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